Plastic : A Threat To Weight Loss and Health! – Health a Bliss

August 18, 2022

Ever wondered what lies beneath the colorful and cute patterns on plastic bottles and other stuff that we buy for our family and kids with so much love!?

The answer is lots of toxic chemicals such as BPA (Bisphenol A) a synthetic chemical agent used for making strong and clear plastic.

The Ugly Truth About Plastics :

BPA can leach out from the container and contaminate the food inside, particularly when exposed to high temperatures i.e. boiling water, sunlight (UV) and/or microwaving. All these all these conditions are very common and everyday practice for most of us.

BPA mimics the role of hormones in our body making it a potential endocrine disruptor. Simply put it is responsible for creating hormonal imbalance in our body.

Many research have shown that BPA has many adverse health conditions which could lead to metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes, asthma, birth defects or even cancer.

However there is a lot of hype about BPA free plastic products (thanks to our advertisement and marketing industry) but to get the facts right some studies have shown BPA free plastic ingredients could have same endocrine disrupting effects.

How Replacing Plastic Helped in My Weight Loss and Improved My Family’s Health:

Sometime back I was also serving this chemical to my family with lots of love and care as my kitchen had 95% of food grade plastic stuff and all BPA free stuff for my 3 year old daughter.

But when I gathered the information that I have shared. I changed my so called modern kitchen (full of fancy plastic stuff including my water purifier) into a good old aged Indian kitchen (full of stainless steel and environment friendly stuff).

Our plastic water bottles are not in use any more and we are using earthen pot to store water.

These steps contributed a lot in my weight loss of almost 25 Kg. (I know you think I’m kidding but I am serious about the weight I have mentioned).

Trust me over the time with plastic free kitchen my daughter’s immunity is also much better.

Earlier she used to have bronchial cough once in  every  two months and I had tried both allopathic and homeopathy along with a lot of home remedies ( I being a huge fan of home remedies  ).All of it provided temporary relief  but now it’s been quite some time almost  3 to 4 months she hasn’t had cough .

Even I and my husband feel and experience better health and energy level. My stamina has improved significantly which helps me workout better and stay active throughout the day.

The information is all out there all we have to do is look for it and do whatever is in our hands by taking small little steps towards stepping into a healthy you