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 BANANA + OATS = HEALTHY        BANANA OATS  COOKIES    Well you read that right! The recipe that I am sharing with you is Super Healthy , Quick and Easy to make. All it requires is Banana and Oats! This recipe is so Easy and Quick that I even let my Daughter help… Continue Reading →

Mosquitoes can bring with them all sorts of illness- Dengue, Chikungunya and Malaria are among the more common mosquito related illnesses. It is essential to save your family from mosquitoes by providing requisite protection. However the mosquito repellent available in the market are loaded with chemicals which are harmful for your skin. This is why I personally… Continue Reading →

  Everyone in my family loves cookies, especially my daughter.  Buying them from a bakery is an easy option. However a Mother and a Health Enthusiast in me is always concerned about the ingredients used, especially White Sugar and All Purpose Flour or Maida. I love cooking and baking. I often bake cookies and use… Continue Reading →

  My daughter is crazy about peanut butter . I can make her eat most of the things  with it . Given its health and nutritional value, I don’t mind her eating it everyday but in limits Initially I bought it from the supermarket, but when she started demanding it everyday I thought of making… Continue Reading →

    “We are what we eat”. Aren’t we?! Same applies for our kids too. Being a mom and a homemaker it’s my top most priority to get my daughter and family, eating healthy, wholesome and home cooked food. Just like other mother and fitness enthusiast, I discourage my daughter and family from eating “Junk”…. Continue Reading →