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  Since chilly winters are here dry skin is a very common problem. Your skin is deprived of moisture which leaves it feeling dry, dull, flaky and itchy. My skin is no exceptional. Dry skin needs intensive and regular care. The best way to do is choose natural ways and products. I personally opt for… Continue Reading →

I know losing that stubborn fat is so difficult. I have been through that phase myself. That phase was very difficult and hard for me as my self confidence had gone down because of my excess weight. I was constantly looking out for ways to get rid of that excess weight off me. I did… Continue Reading →

    Non-stick, given its advantage of easy cleaning and almost zero oil cooking has gained popularity amongst most of the women and weight watchers around the globe. I was no exception. I would make omelets, pan cakes and all those things which otherwise required good amount of oil, in my Non-Stick pan and be… Continue Reading →

  My Journey Post Pregnancy     I know that caught your attention! More or less I think I can guess your reaction too.. But I am not surprised as this was the reaction I got when I went public on Facebook and posted my “New Me” photograph.. Almost everyone wanted to know the “Trick” for… Continue Reading →

  I know going Plastic Free is difficult, especially when we are surrounded with all sorts of Easy to Use and Stylish Plastic Stuff. It was a difficult switch for me as well.  Especially when I had to look out for options for storing my Veggies and other stuff in the Refrigerator. Plastic Containers and… Continue Reading →